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I offer packages designed to reflect your core values and connect with your communities. This goes beyond hashtag-pumping and SEO algorithms; this is storytelling at its best: the ability to find that thing that sets you apart from the rest, and identifies the commonality that binds you to your audience.

All packages customized for the client.

Packages can be combined.

WEBSITE LAUNCH PACKAGE | Starting at $5,000

Your website is your modern business card. More than that, it’s an opportunity to showcase who you are, gain credibility as an expert, and promote the value of your services.

In a framework that blends authentic storytelling with strategic thinking, I’ll help advance you towards your long-term vision.

It’s time to professionally launch your brand!

What’s included:

  • Discovery session
  • Industry research
  • Defining the client/user
  • Content strategy and user testing
  • Coordination
  • Writing and refining

WEBSITE REBRAND PACKAGE | Starting at $4,000

You’ve got a website—it just needs a content makeover! Consider this the Website Launch Package *Lite*.

ANNUAL BUSINESS PACKAGE | Starting at $6,000

Emails, articles, blogs, and case studies (oh my)! There’s no end to the need for fresh content that keeps your brand relevant and ranked higher in online search engines.

Using my blend of authentic storytelling and strategic thinking, we’ll develop an annual plan to organize and execute a steady stream of content.


Like the Annual Business Package, this option is customized to fit your needs. Clients typically select this package for unique projects or campaigns.